Innovation & Product Development

Driven by our passion for potatoes, we work hard every day to discover and develop groundbreaking innovations. Innovations that ensure that 10 million people a day continue to eat our potato products.

We try to get more out of the potato through innovation. From our close contact with potato growers and customers and our strong focus on quality, Aviko's flexible approach produces an extensive range of innovative potato products with added value.

Our innovations in potato products begin with our channel marketers and product managers who assess market needs. They work closely with experts in the Innovation & Product Development department. These food specialists collaborate with renowned research institutes, universities, market research agencies and other large food producers to deliver the best and tastiest products.

In addition to product innovations, process innovations also play an important role within Aviko. Among others, we participate in various European research projects, such as CLB (closed-loop blanching and LEAF (Low Energy And Fat).  As part of our process innovation, Aviko also develops its own production processes, such as the steam cooking of potatoes (Steamfresh products). At Aviko, our information about the potato spans the entire production chain.