The Full Chain

Each step in the manufacturing process of potato products adds value, ensuring optimal service to our customers. Our products have a range of uses but they also challenge you, the buyer, to use your own creativity.


Value is added in the very first step in the chain by buying only the very best potatoes. This is achieved through an intensive and active partnership with farmers and growers. This creates involvement and flexibility, which ultimately enhances the quality. 


After the potatoes are delivered to the plant, they are inspected. The ecological footprint is taken into account wherever possible when processing the potatoes based on optimal use. Obviously, the potatoes are processed by well trained people with solid expertise. In our factories, we aim to guarantee a safe working environment, top quality, cost efficiency and growth. Aviko is able to offer its customers constant high quality based on optimal process control applying TPM (Total Productive Maintenance).


After processing, the products are packaged carefully in user-friendly and recognisable packaging made from high-end materials. This takes the wishes of our customers into consideration. Our packaging generally shows additional information on different preparations.

Transport and distribution

We are committed to providing an optimal level of service to our customers. Thanks to our European network of local distribution partners, TPM, ultra-modern production sites and intelligent, environmentally friendly chilled and frozen logistics, Aviko can deliver potato products throughout Europe very fast. Besides this European network, Aviko has an excellent logistics network for its global operations. The environment is also a key element in this chain phase, with maximum effort being taken to minimise our ecological footprint.


Aviko provides appropriate potato products for every kitchen. This enables all Foodservice Professionals to serve appealing and profitable potato dishes. Whether these are chips, wedges or gratins, all our products are tailored to customer wishes and are of high quality, have a long shelf life and relatively short delivery times.