Aviko offers, besides potato products, also a wide range of snacks and appetizers. The products in this range can be used as a starter, sharing platter or as part of a main course. The appetizers of Aviko are made of high, quality ingredients. Our snacks are easy to combine and versatile.

Happy hour for your sales

If you choose for Aviko Appetizers, you choose for the highest quality tapas from Spain. These products fit perfectly into the current fingerfood- and snacktrend. For every occasion and every taste preference the Appetizer range offers a solution for everybody. Weather your guests like cheese, squid, vegetables, sweet or savory, our range is suitable for everyone. Treat your guests and explore the simple preparation and good returns these snacks have.

Appetizers range

  • Onion rings: We offer several types of onion rings, for example: delicious breaded onion rings with a golden and crispy crust or beer battered onion rings. These are whole onion rings covered  with a beer batter.  
  • Mozzarella fingers: Mozzarella cheese with a crunchy coating.
  • Chili cheddar nuggets: Melted cheese with cheddar cheese, green pepper and jalapeño pieces coated in a crunchy golden batter.
  • Churros: Churros are a traditional Spanish delicacy that can be served in many ways. Because of their short preparation time of 2.5 minutes in the fryer, they are very suitable for big events. Let your guests choose from a variety of toppings and satisfaction is guaranteed!

Convenience for your business

  • A complete range of the highest quality
  • Original flavors
  • Most appetizers in our range are Halal certified
  • The total range gives your beverages a sales increase, especially with the spicy and salty snacks.
  • Easy to portion for maximum efficiency

Getting curious?

Would you like to have specific information about a product? Download the product specifications on the side of this page or get in contact with us through the contact form down below. We're happy to help! 

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