When it comes to fries, it's no longer 'one size fits all'. In recent years we have seen the emergence of more premium styles of fries that cater for a wide range of tastes - whether it is for longer, crunchier, healthier or more rustic variations. Each style not only offers variety to consumers but, importantly, also offers different commercial benefits to operators.

Our Premium Fries have been developed to provide a variety of chips to meet operational needs and offer consumers tempting variations. From plate fill and holding time to meeting the demand for gluten-free, we've got it covered with fantastic tasting premium fries:

  • Aviko Super Crunch fries
    A natural potato starch coating gives these fries a fabulous crunch, brilliant appearance and additional holding time over standard fries. Aviko Super Crunch fries stay warm longer, helping you reduce waste and increase efficiency in your kitchen. Efficient, with a high yield and good platefill. Available in 7mm and 9,5mm (with or without skin ).
  • Aviko SuperLongs
    Consumers are always looking for a good deal. Fulfil this need in your business by serving our Superlongs fries. Oversized fries help generate more interest, increase sales and yield a higher profit. These golden fries have outstanding plate appeal as well as great taste and yield. Our Superlongs are extra-long fries which offers more portions per bag and more profit. Available in 7mm, 9,5mm (With or without skin on), 11mm skin on. 
  • Aviko Pommes Frites, Crinkle Cut & Shoestring
    Besides our premium fries we also offer regular fries in different cut sizes. For a playful effect you can decide to choose for our crinkle cut. Would you rather like to serve thin fries? Then go for our Shoestring fries (7mm). 

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