Gratins & Mashed Potatoes

Homemade gratins are very time consuming, therefore discover our delicious potato gratins. Aviko gratins are versatile and easy to prepare. Suitable for every kitchen, ideal for restaurants and caterers.

Aviko potato gratins are delicious, creamy and full of flavor. They don't only look beautiful, but they also have a fantastic taste! The secret of these gratins are the sliced potatoes, prepared with our unique Steamblanch process - retaining a distinctive potato flavour with a good bite and the delicious sauce. This maintains the full potato flavor and it does not lose their original form. Not even after a +1 hour holding time.

Aviko offers the following frozen potato gratins:

  • Potato Gratin mushroom: A special gratin with mushrooms, soft taste.
  • Potato Gratin Cheese: This gratin is topped with spicy 'Emmentaler' cheese.
  • Potato Gratin Italian: We have given the French classic potato gratin an Italian twist: Treat your guests with our potato gratin with tomato, basil and mozzarella.

Convenience for your kitchen

  • Efficient to use
  • For every occasion a solution
  • Long holding time (+1 hour)
  • Each gratin made with fresh ingredients

Mashed potatoes

Besides our frozen gratins, we also offer delicious mashed potatoes. Our mashed potato is an all-rounder that is very delicious with fish, meat and vegetables. Moreover, the mash is conveniently packaged in portion blocks, making it easy to portion and creates no wastage. An excellent alternative to homemade mash.

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