With the wide range of frozen potato products, you can easily adapt your products based on the changing needs of your guests. There is a suitable potato specialty of the highest quality available for every occasion. Our specialties are true trendsetters that are easy to portion for every meal, snack or side-dish.


Within our frozen potato products you'll find our wedges range. These wedges can be prepared in many ways and is suitable for many different recipes. Ideal to serve as a snack, but also as a part of the main course. If you want to serve bigger wedges for a better platefill, try out our Mega Wedges. No time to season the potato wedges? We offer two seasoned potato wedges: Spicy Jacket Wedges and our Piri Piri Wedges.

Hash Browns

Besides potato wedges, we also offer a range of Hashbrown products. Washing, peeling and rasping your own potatoes is history! Save valuable time with our gluten free rösti products. These products are the perfect base for lots of variated dishes. Our Hash Brown range consists of 3 products:

  • Rosti Bites - 13 grs : These crispy mini rosti snacks are pre-fried in sunflower oil, remain more than 15 minutes warm after frying. This product has been successful in every Foodservice kitchen.
  • Hashbrown Rounds -  39 grs The röstiko's rounds from Aviko are made from lightly seasoned rösti. 2 variants available: one specifically for deep frying preparation and one for oven preparation. 
  • Hash Brown Rectangular  75 grs : This product is made of potato slivers, mixed with other ingredients and formed into a rectangle shape with a size of ± 100x68 mm. Perfect for hamburgers.

There is more?

In addition to the previous products, we also offer the classic potato rissolees: natural potato cubes. This product is ideal as a side dish. Save time and effort on peeling, washing, cutting and seasoning potatoes. This product is easy to prepare, but does not affect the fantastic flavor.

Convenience in your kitchen

  • Tasty & convenient potato classics with the highest quality for your outlet
  • Long shelf life
  • For every occasion a suitable product
  • Precise portioning and no wastage
  • Various methods of preparation; the choice is yours!

Getting curious?

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